Landon Lion's Roars

Enjoy reading old issues of Lion’s Roar!  

Wayne (Spider) Webb has contributed these issues for us, and Richard McEvoy has scanned them.

The issues are indexed by the year, month and day, beginning with 1964-65 - since it is our class, I thought you might want to see these first.

Double click on any issue to read a selected issue.

Each newspaper is searchable so press and hold the CTRL and F keys on your keyboard. A drop down box will appear.  Enter a first or last name and press ENTER on your keyboard. The first place the name is recognized will be highlighted. To see every appearance of the name in the issue, keep pressing ENTER on your keyboard or clicking Next in the drop down box.

**NOTE: When you are searching, you may need to check alternate spellings of a name - ex: my name is BECKIE (not the standard spelling) and in some pages of the Lion's Roars it appears as BECKY. 

Thanks Wayne and Richard!


October 9, 1964 issue

February 2, 1965 issue

February 11, 1965 issue

February 25, 1965 issue

March 18, 1965 issue

April 1, 1965 issue (APRIL FOOL'S)

April 23, 1965 issue

June 3, 1965 issue (FINAL ISSUE)